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Discover Your Best Self Through Counseling and Personalized Training


Hi, I’m Laura

Licensed Professional Counselor and Personal Trainer

Located on the west side of El Paso I provide virtual mental health counseling. I also have a fully equipped home gym and provide personal training. My passion is helping people to heal physically and emotionally from emotional and physical trauma. My approach to counseling includes Internal Family Systems, The Gottman Method Couples Counseling, and Intuitive Eating Counseling. At the core of all of these approaches to therapy is the idea that Peace and Balance come from Self-Led Compassion and Honoring Our Bodies to tell us what we need emotionally and physically. We inherently have everything we need to heal and thrive living inside of us- The Self. When we tap into this Self-energy we feel all of the C's of the Self and are Satisfied.


Through the mind-body connection we learn to eat to live and move to feel alive. I hope to help you on your journey to living free from the dissatisfaction and preoccupation with body image. Appreciating all that your body does for you when we make the body and the mind strong. 

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